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The South Australian Rabbit Fanciers Society Incorporated

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Please note: All correspondence and queries strictly to the Club address or email. Individual Committee members are not responsible for the decisions or actions of the Club - the Committee acts as a whole.

President: Susan Darcy (ASRC Representative)

Secretary: Genevieve Hughes



Kristie Allen-Wells - Fundraising / New member liason

Elaine Lee

Chantelle Chetwood - Rabbit Agility

Yvette Dispain

Paul Hughes

Tamara Edwards - Display Co-ordinator



Genevieve Hughes (Senior ASRC)

Chantelle Chetwood (Grade C)

Kristie-Allen Wells (Trainee)


Everybunny welcome! 

Based in Adelaide's Northern suburbs, The SA Rabbit Fanciers Society offer shows and family orienated competition, for both pet and pure bred domestic rabbits owners and breeders alike.  

Following our first Agricultural Show at Clare in 2001, we felt there was a need for a family orientated rabbit club in South Australia.

Formally incorporated in April 2006, The SA Rabbit Fanciers Society Inc. (TSARFS) aims to promote all aspects of our hobby in a friendly, family atmosphere. Our fancy is meant to be enjoyable, so we hope to keep our shows and displays fairly informal, yet encouraging competitive exhibition in a friendly way. Our young members are the future of the fancy, and must be encouraged.

We offer exhibition at Ag Shows, shop displays, field days and  fetes. The committee come from all fields of rabbit keeping, and can redirect both members and the general public to appropriate and up to date information sources.

~ We exhibit purely by British Rabbit Council  guidelines (BRC - governing body of the rabbit fancy) and only permit BRC recognised breeds to be awarded challenge's and in show awards. Show rules are also BRC based.

We aim to:

~ Promote responsible breeding, exhibition and promotion of purebred domestic rabbits.

~ Promote and assist in the continued schooling of aspiring judges and breeders under British Rabbit Council guidelines.

~ Educate the public and government (both local and national) as to issues affecting its members and non member breeders such as calicivirus and myxomatosis releases, disease control via vaccination and prevention, importing/exporting of stock, general animal welfare.

~ Promote all aspects of keeping of rabbits, the rabbit fancy, industry and hobby as a whole, via education, exhibition, and participation and promotion of the rabbit fancy in the community.

While our Committee are happy to answer your general enquiries, ALL Club correspondence to either:

or PO Box 2061 Elizabeth Park  SA  5113.

We are affiliated to both the BRC and ASRC.