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The South Australian Rabbit Fanciers Society Incorporated

TSARFS Rabbit Care

Rabbit Agility with TSARFS
Rabbit Agility Training
Summer heat and your rabbit
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House Rabbit Society - fantastic resource in all aspects of care, housing & feeding.

Charky & Ash - this has to be the ultimate collection of rabbit disease references

Disease specific & commercial links are of a graphic nature. These resources are relevant to our rabbit keeping, and are of a scientific nature. While we breed and show domestic rabbits, their wild counterparts are feral pests in Australia and their methods of control does unfortunately effect our rabbit keeping.

Merck Veterinary Manual

Crusader Meat Rabbit Disease Brochure - warning - graphic

Crusader - Meat Farming Intro - cages & stock

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (common term - Calicivirus) & Myxomatosis information

CSIRO - Myxomatosis publications

The European Rabbit - control


While there is information freely available online, the best way to learn about our rabbit companions is always hands on. TSARFS offer unrung classes, pure bred competitive classes, bunny hopping, seminars and displays, with lots of information and support in the care of your rabbit. 
Basic care, information and housing information can be found below.
We use and recomend Oxbow products. Click below for some great ideas, product information & handouts.
Local to our members and shows, The Pet Spot, Salisbury Plain, offers reduced price desexing, microchipping and vaccination via their clinic. We receommend anyone contemplating a rabbit as a pet have it desexed and routinely vaccinated.!/pages/Low-Cost-Desexing-For-Your-Cats-Dogs-and-Rabbits/255605624502965


■Male Rabbit 8wks - 5months $65
■Male Rabbit Adult $122
■Female Rabbit 8wks - 5months $100
■Female Rabbit Adult $171

Microchipping is $45 per animal, any breed of animal

Vaccination is $30 per animal, any breed of animal


We are now open at 1700 Main North Road, Salisbury Plain at The Pet Spot.

For enquiries ring the team at the Pet Spot 82816522 or our clinic number 82854050 Monday to Sunday 10am to 5pm

Oxbow Australia

Membership to TSARFS includes our rabbit care book, club members handbook, and up to date veterinary, pet and competitive information.

Treat your rabbit to the best information and support, join your local club.