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The South Australian Rabbit Fanciers Society Incorporated

Rabbit Agility with TSARFS

Rabbit Agility with TSARFS
Rabbit Agility Training
Summer heat and your rabbit
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Next training day:
Saturday 22nd September, 2012.
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Saturday 6th October, 2012 - Port Elliot Ag.


While rabbit or bunny hopping has been very popular in Europe for many years, it's taken awhile to hit our Australian shores. Technically "rabbit hopping" is a form of show jumping.
We promote "rabbit agility" with TSARFS as a safe and enjoyable experience for rabbit and owner alike. Through member interest in the European format, in 2003 we began what we consider a safe version of this event in South Australia.
Similar to dog agility, we offer four different levels of difficulty with jump courses being a maximum height of 12 inches.
Competiton can be either on or off lead with an approved quick release style "h" harness and lead, at the owners discretion. The two higer levels of competition are to be run off lead.
Competitive jumps are low level, secure, ground positioned and include both jumps and obstacles. All poles and jumps are light weight and easily either rolled or fold, when knocked away from the rabbit. All rabbit agility jump rails must be easily knocked off by the rabbit - fixed rail jumps are dangerous with a rabbit's skeletal system.
This rabbit sport promotes a healthy and happy rabbit and owner bonding experience.
Easy to train for, all you require is a well adjusted, healthy weight range, friendly rabbit, willing to follow and trust you, their owner.
TSARFS provide Club approved rabbit friendly jumps for competition days. Like any other animal jumping and agility event, this allows for a fair competition, with a set standard and quality of jumps.

We DO NOT promote the "high jump format or show jumping" in any way.
We suggest for the health and wellbeing of your pet, any rabbit participating in such events be given a veterinary check and written clearance if considering participating in such an event. 
We WILL NOT promote or permit competitive rabbit jumping on a table without barriers, due to the potential harm and injury to rabbits in such a format. 
The health and welfare of your pet should always be your first concern, rather than being a crowd pleaser.
While we will visibly health check a rabbit for competition, the onus is on the owner to ensure the animal is fit and healthy to participate in these events.
Why not hop on in to one of our Club show days, and try rabbit agility in the Northern area.






Southern Districts Ag, October 2009.
It took no more than 20 minutes to train this very eager orange dwarf lop to complete a novice height course off lead. Along with several other rabbits, this was their first attempt at bunny hopping.
Note the light weight corflute triangle. This is easily rolled over by the rabbit during training. Pool noodles are also ideal.

Why not follow us to the Sydney Royal in 2010 for their first rabbit hopping event!